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"I'm Mike Mamelli aka the Mammal, and this is my restoration company All Service 911. I have customers with Big Dreams and Big Bucks. I never know what their gonna come up with. After 25 years of Working Construction... Lucky for them.... I can Make It Happen!
Make It Happen - Episode 1
Demolition Begins.

This is the discovery stages. We utilize structural engineers to negotiate where we can take down walls and make new holes. Its also the time to introduce the vision to the team and get started. Allot of excitement in the air at this juncture.

Make It Happen - Episode 2 Shopping for Marble.

This is where we assist the customer in choices of stone and marble. It is important to have all our materials picked out to meet our timelines. It is also important that the homeowner falls in love with their decision, after all they have to live with it!

Make It Happen 911 TV

Make It Happen - Episode 3
Right on Schedule.

Quality control and a constant overview is essential with construction coordination. Here we meet again and review the vision created by the property owner and All Service Industry Partners.

Make It Happen - Episode 4
Flooring, Tile, Schedule.

In this stage, timelines and crew negotiation is critical. Flow charts and accountability are a must. Plus, it doesn't hurt to see a happy customer either! Coming soon..the finished product!!

Make It Happen - Episode 5
Upgrade / Remodel.

These houses were remodeled and upgrade with the latest technology and design. 

All Service 911 installs a new look for our customers with unique function and style. 

This house was all twisted up with 80's and 90's technology and design and also was flooded. All

Service 911 to the rescue for a 2015 upgraded remodel and restoration. 

Make It Happen - Episode 6
Restoration Job / Flooding.
Make It Happen - Episode 7
Finished Product.

Check out Mike Mamelli aka "Mammal" take you on a tour of another amazing All Service 911 job for a happy Huntington Beach, CA customer. The final product of a 6 month project is always a site for sore eyes.

Make It Happen - Episode 8
Remodel in Newport Beach, CA.

Check out Mike Mamelli aka "Mammal" take you on a tour of another amazing All Service 911 job for a happy Newport Beach, CA customer. Starting off in Lido Sands to make sure the new doors are in and then off to the remodel job in old Newport.  Watch the Mammal Make It Happen in 3 weeks. Stay tuned for the next episode of the final product. For more info visit

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